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What to expect at the session: 
A typical Day in the Life Signature lasts from 3-4 hours, which allows plenty of time for snacks, breaks and a change of clothes if desired. For a home session, I will come to your house, meet the kids, and do a walk-through to find optimal lighting for our shoot. My style is that of a minimalist—after all, we want the pictures to tell your story—so I typically search for simple backdrops that put the focus on the subject(s). To help your story unfold, we may need to rearrange our set or temporarily move furniture. For an outdoor session, I will arrive early to scout out the best light and find a suitable backdrop.

For a family session, we’ll begin with some posed shots of the family while everyone is fresh. Overall, I do a minimal amount of posing as I love to capture relaxed, natural, every-day moments and family interactions. The best pictures are taken when you forget that I am even around! As one client put it, “What we saw as ‘time in-between shots’ was actually captured on camera by Alpana as we were being ourselves with each other, capturing the true essence of our family. That, to me, is priceless!” 

Your session is a fleeting moment of your child’s life. I strive to get honest and natural expressions from adults and children alike. When I work with kids, I prefer to join them at their level. I love it when parents are able to just relax and enjoy the shoot without instructing their child on what to do. When I need you, I’ll let you know. You’ll be amazed by the wonderful moments we capture when we don’t ask kids to ‘say cheese.’ On occasion, I’ll walk your child over to a different spot as I find it is easier for them to relax when they don’t feel pressured to perform. Join us, and watch your story unfold. For once, you can be in the audience, watching as we capture those natural expressions you know and love.

Your session will take place at the location of your choice—your home, the beach, the park, or a destination that’s significant to your family. If you’re up for a bit of adventure, we can find a graffiti covered wall, a run-down building, or even a laundromat. There are no rules. We’ll set the stage for your story by selecting a location at the time your session is scheduled.

Scheduling your session:
Once I’ve received your session fee deposit, I will call you to schedule a pre-consult either by phone or in person. During the pre-consult, we’ll discuss clothing choices, your kids’ schedules and a location for the shoot. If we have a chance to meet in-person, you can review various product choices (they look much better in-person than they do online). Sessions are typically scheduled for early morning or late afternoon to take advantage of optimal lighting conditions. Your session fee is non-refundable so please plan ahead to find a date that doesn’t conflict with your schedule. However, emergencies, weather and sicknesses are all valid reasons to reschedule your session.

When can I expect to see the proofs?
We will schedule an ordering session approximately 3-4 weeks after your portrait session. For local clients, the ordering session will be held in-person unless it is pre-determined otherwise. Please be sure to have all interested parties present at the ordering session. For non-local clients, a password-protected gallery will be emailed to you. You review your gallery with friends and family and make your selections online. Orders must be placed within four days of gallery set-up. Every gallery includes individually hand-crafted and carefully processed images presented in a 5 x 7 format along with suggestions for wall displays and other custom art. I am available to help guide you in making your selections. All ordered images are archived for one year, while unordered images are purged six weeks after the portrait session. 

Payment and shipping.
Since all orders are custom handcrafted, your full payment is expected at the ordering session or at the end of your gallery expiration period. I prefer cash or check, though I accept Paypal payments with a fee. Returned checks will be charged $25. Prices are subject to change after your ordering period has expired. If you re-order at a later date, current pricing will apply. All pricing (including session fee) is subject to CA sales tax. All prints are shipped at an additional cost. All sales are final.