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Alpana is the best photographer you’ll find.  And really, she’s more than that–she’s an artist. The pictures she took of our daughter are priceless works of art that we’ll always cherish.  The great thing is, she’s also organized and professional. It is hard to find someone who can manage a business AND be an amazing artist, but somehow she does both beautifully. She guides you through the entire process, from recommending clothing for your photo session to helping you place your order for photos, to calling you to make sure your pictures have arrived and that you love them. She truly loves her job and it shows in every photo she takes. Stefani

What distinguishes Alpana among family/newborn photographers is her AMAZING gift for making photos that are true “art” rather than simply great photos! My husband and I wanted to capture the fleeting and precious moments of our newborn in his first few weeks of life. When we saw Alpana’s work it was love at first sight. Her photos are artistic, passionate, emotionally stirring, and simply magical. We knew we had to work with her and she made working with her so easy. She came to our home and worked around our baby’s schedule, which was very much appreciated as new parents. Alpana made us feel very comfortable and was so gentle and patient with our baby. All of this comes through in her photos. Our photos are amazing and take our breath away each time we look at them. She’s truly a gifted and amazing photographer. We can’t wait to work with her again.Dana

Storybox Art provided wonderful photography for our wedding. Alpana was extremely flexible and was very outgoing to document the beautiful details we worked so hard to create, and the spontaneous emotions of our friends and family. With luxurious color, skilled use of depth of field and composition, we now have a lasting collection of photographs that help us remember a joyful occasion.
Alpana put lots of time and effort to meet with us before the wedding so she could understand our needs, and went far and beyond our expectations on the day of to capture the ceremony and reception. While she was busy clicking away, she was not intrusive at all. She also succeeded in getting the most photo-shy of our family to loosen up and embrace the moment. Her sense of humor and commitment certainly helped us move past the stress of the details, and she made a lasting impression on everyone present. We will definitely be calling her again when and if we have children! ~Alex

Alpana is a natural storyteller with an incredible gift. She can turn the typical picture of children and/or families into beautiful works of art. She has an incredible eye and quite a gift — I can’t recommend her enough. Her photos are thoughtful, beautiful to look at and images you will treasure for a lifetime. Jill

We hired alpana to do a newborn/family session in our home. I picked her after looking at more than a dozen other photographers in our area as her work really stood out as being truly special. Her work captures the real beauty among her subjects. But beyond her spectacular photos, she is wonderful to work with. She is patient, great with children, compassionate, and also listens to what you want. Our photos turned out so beautiful, we will cherish them forever.~ Anita

Alpana did a great job doing the outdoor shoot for the family. She spent a lot of time with out two reluctant teenagers and got them to give some memorable pictures. The time she took to look for locations, her suggestions and her patience was much appreciated. Alpana even got into the creek to take some outstanding shots of one our sons. The pictures are going to be part of our memories forever. The pictures have come out great and we are looking forward to the album! ~ Ashwini

Alpana takes amazing photos! The review can really end there because her photos speak for themselves. Although I would like to add that she was a total professional and really brought out the best in our family. We had photographs taken of our 6 week old and the pics were nothing less than magical. She made her dad and I look pretty great too (no small feat considering I was only a few weeks out). The pictures were natural, relaxed, and really captured our family perfectly. I cannot wait to hang them in our home. The biggest compliment that I can give Alpana is that normally I am drawn to black and white photos but I really preferred her color photos. I think it is because she works so well with natural light. Bravo! ~ Lorna

The fact that Alpana is an excellent photographer and artist was always evident from her photos on her blog. But I was completely blown away by the fact that she was able to capture so many amazing photographs during our session when her subjects were our 14-month old twins, who are never still for more than a second. It is almost unbelievable that she could get so many beautiful photographs of both the kids especially since, at any given point in time, our twins tend to move in completely different directions.
The session was very relaxing and fun. She was excellent with the kids, with us and our dog who insisted on being as close to us as possible. Before the session, she was very responsive in answering every question we had. Her suggestions for outfits for the children as well as us were extremely helpful and made getting ready for the session very very easy.
Our gallery viewing and print-ordering appointment with her took us almost 2 hours because we had so many amazing photographs to choose from. But she was very patient with us throughout the process when we kept changing our minds on which photos to order and which ones to let go. All in all, it was a great experience. I am now waiting for the children to grow a little older so we can do it all over once again! ~Jaideep

Alpana Aras-King has an amazing gift of capturing the essence of individuals and families in her photography. My family and I found out about her through a mutual friend and are absolutely thrilled that we did a session with her. She made us completely comfortable and was able to capture each individual’s unique personality in the pictures. Her final products are beautiful and we are so happy to have captured this moment in our boys’ lives and have wonderful photographs to enjoy forever!!! ~Kate

My family and I were in search of a natural light photographer that wouldn’t make us pose the whole time, awkwardly, and in front of boring backdrops. A good friend of mine referred us to this website and we were amazed by the photos. The artist has a wonderful eye and during th e session is a real pleasure to work with. She is a natural with children, especially our 10 month old. The result was a variety of wonderful pictures that we cherish and will enjoy for years to come.

Alpana was recommended by a friend, and we decided to do a photo session with her (our first one ever) when we were in San Francisco with our 6-month old baby girl visiting family. My husband and I didn’t know what to expect, but Alpana was great and guided us throughout the process. We had a very nice session and were able to visit all of the locations that we loved. And words can’t describe my reaction when I saw the pictures of Sophie, they were gorgeous works of art. Thanks Alpana, you’re the best!~Elizabeth

Alpana’s photos of my son are gorgeous. She first photographed him at 6 1/2 years and recently did another session now that he’s 8 1/2 years old.   I wanted to capture not only his growth but also the cute gappy smile he has right now before it’s gone and he’s a big guy with all of his teeth.
I can’t say enough about her amazing talent — she is truly an artist.  I am so grateful to have photos capturing all of his many expressions from serious to silly.  I love that nothing looks super posed or forced — every picture is so natural. Adding to the beauty of the photos is Alpana’s eye for detail in the locations she chooses. She’s very into the details and we arrived at our location precisely at the magical time of day when the sun is beginning to set and the light is soft.  The photos are lit up with a gorgeous glow.
Alpana has made me think about photography in a different way — as art to hang on my walls and also as a special keepsake to enjoy for years to come.  Looking forward to next Spring when she is going to do photos of all of us.~Rhonda

smita - We have a priceless collection of family photos thanks to Alpana. Never before have I been so pleased with family photo sessions and the outcome of those sessions. Alpana has done an amazing job. Her passion for the lens is evident in the quality of work she produces. She is very detail-oriented, very patient, puts everyone at ease, be it a little baby, a teen or a grandma. We love the pictures and look forward to many more memorable captures from her in the future. She is a truly incredible artist.

Smita and Sanjay

Christy - Alpana is by far the best photographer we’ve ever worked with. She is very calm even when getting hit in the head (by accident) from a flying iPhone. Alpana takes great care to capture each special moment and turn it into a piece of art. We LOVE the photos and it was a perfect Christmas present. Thank you for making the experience a memorable one.

Jennifer - Alpana … Kudos … I am grateful our paths have crossed in general and that we got to work together finally. Alpana is a One Woman Band and a Master of All the elements toward a successful photo shoot! From the business side, to the creative/artistic, fashion/style and professionalism, she will bring forever joy to your world with her passionate work in the form of amazingly beautiful photo prints as well as the memories of the time spent with her. Thank you so much for working with our family of four woodland leprechauns!
~ Jennifer P.

Karen - I immediately fell in love with Alpana’s photographs as soon as I saw her website. I bookmarked it and frequently went back to it to just play the slideshow and look at her amazing work. Her photos evoke such emotion, each one telling a story. I am so happy my family was able to work with Alpana and experience the magic she is able to create. We love our photos and couldn’t be more pleased. Thanks Alpana!

Joel and Pam - Quite simply, Alpana is brilliant. She photographed our newly adopted 20 month old daughter, who did not stop moving for a SECOND! Despite this fact, the photos capture our child’s essence. The photos are deeply moving, dramatic and beautifully composed in their development and printing. As mentioned elsewhere, she is a true artist. Anyone can aim and shoot. Alpana CREATES. Beyond her technical skill, she is a joy to work with. She clearly loves what she does and her subjects. She is sensitive to family needs and dynamics. I recommend her unequivocally. Any family choosing her to portray “who they are” will be absolutely thrilled with the result!

Rashmi - Hi Alpana,

Thank you for beautifully capturing the simple, yet precious moments in my kids’ lives.
Your work truly represents “Picture is worth a thousand words”.
The pictures you took adorn our family room walls and we’ve gotten nothing but tons of compliments on them.
I never knew what natural light photography was before I met you and now I’m a convert. =)

The fact that my toddler was totally comfortable with you in the first few minutes says a lot. It is difficult to capture children’s photography but you did it beautifully.
Thank you.

Melinna - How is it that you can capture the pure, delicious, devious, charming and intriguing nature of my daughter in minutes behind the lens? I’ve been chasing this girl for years and none of my pictures ever “feel” like Sarah. Oh, that’s right — you are the artist, I’m just the mother.

Your photographs of children & families are beyond words. They are magical.

Kristen - We are beyond thrilled with our recent newborn photographs. Alpana has an amazing eye and was able to capture precious moments in each photograph. She was patient and loving with our baby girl and took her time during our session, even when our baby was fussing. We will treasure our photographs and look forward to using Storybox Art for additional family photographs in the future.

kimberly west - I had maternity photos taken by Alpana and was amazed by the creativity – and overall results of how they turned out. She has wonderful ideas, and it was a delightful surprise to see how those translated into the photos. I will treasure them always.

Heather - Alpana took photos of my 2 active boys and truly captured both of their personalities in some amazing photographs. I will highly recommend her and can’t wait to receive and hang our photos on our walls! Alpana is extremely talented and was such a pleasure to work with. She was so helpful throughout the entire process and we can’t wait to use her again!

Rhonda - The photos that Alpana took of my six year old son are extraordinary! When I first saw them I got choked up — the pictures absolutely captured his personality and the various expressions that are so him. Alpana is truly an artist and I can’t wait to have future family photos taken that capture my son’s childhood.

Heather - We weren’t sure what to expect when we signed up for a New York mini-session with Alpana this fall, and the cold rain in Brooklyn seemed likely to squash our plans. But she worked quickly and cheerfully, in between showers, and the result is what is universally regarded as the best Christmas card of our lives. Go Alpana!

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