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baby in the windy city

Last week, I visited Chicago for a few days on a mommy get away trip. It was so much fun to hang out in the city with some good friends. While I was there I also got to do a quick session with my friend L and her two and half month baby boy. Baby A shares my son’s middle name and it was such a treat to take pictures of the little guy and his mommy. He is such a gorgeous baby with a head full of hair. He stayed mostly awake through the shoot and even smiled for me.

Anonymous - This baby is soooo… gorgeous


We had so much fun at yesterday’s session with my friend K and her family. The location was awesome and had the rustic feel that her husband P was looking for. It was his find and one that I will use again in the future. The light was golden and beautiful and this was one of my favorite sessions. E is my son’s little buddy and it was such a delight to capture his energy which is so similar to R’s.

I will have a few more but here is a sneak peek for now from the first location. K, I hope you like this one…

Reflections of the ukulele boy

I haven’t had a chance to update the blog for a while. Much has been going on…I have been a bit unwell, catching up with print orders and also trying to work on marketing material for my business. Most of all, I don’t get to spend the time I used to taking pictures of my little man. He turned four in June and is so much into being a big boy! He goes to preschool two days a week and wants to for four days. Can you guess why? Because he is four. It’s all about the number four. Four cookies, four bites to eat, four toys, lol.

But tonight my cute, available model consented to let his mama take some pictures of him for a photo contest. Since time was of essence, I had to find something quick and close by. Inspiration comes in many ways and I found it in my own backyard. Or side-yard. Well…really, my neighbor’s, lol. They have this bright green trailer that has been screaming photo opp for the longest time. I have thought about it forever and finally got to take some fun pictures using it as a backdrop. Be sure to look around you. Your next best photo may be right around the corner.

reflections of the ukulele boy.

one more song…

the reward.

Get a Glimpse Creations - ahhhh…that last one is beautiful. His eyes are amazing! Your work is beautiful and you write beautifully as well!

alpana - thanks so much for your comment.

everyone has a story.

Everyone has a story.
-Neil LaBute

a tall story.
a short story.
a sob story.
a suspense story.
a happy-ending story.

a cock and bull story.
a hard-luck story.
an old story.
the same old story.
a cover story.
a news story.
a Christmas story.
a holiday story.

or just about any other story.

welcome to my blog of photo stories! please feel free to stop by and drop a comment or two. i will be posting sneak peaks and updates from my photo shoots.