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Thank you Clickin Moms | San Francisco Family and Kids Photographer

A lovely surprise to find my name included in this Clickin Moms list of 100 photographers to watch in 2016! I am sure this list wasn’t an easy one to come up with and so grateful for the inclusion along with some of my well-regarded friends and fellow photographers.

Some of my work shared through the Daily Project can be seen at the link.

My Photo Shot on iPhone6 in the Apple World Gallery

The above Shot on iPhone 6 image above was licensed by Apple for their current World Gallery campaign. It was among the very first images I created with my new iPhone with my boy and his friend Zach. These two call themselves twins as they are born on the same day! Am excited to share the image and be a part of one of my favorite brand’s campaign.

I have been an Apple user for as long as I can remember since its launch! This campaign takes a human approach focusing on people. 53 portraits captured by 41 photographers will adorn outdoor billboards, print publications and various Apple channels across 26 countries.

There have been sightings of it in Manhattan, NYC and Philladelphia thanks to social media. My childhood friend Shilpa spotted the one in NYC finding herself face to face with my son on the transit shelter below. A huge thanks to her for the above photo!

The image will be on a billboard in Chicago, IL and Shanghai, China.
US – Chicago – Addison & Sheffield
CN – Shanghai – Grand Gateway Wing Building
CN – Shanghai – Hongqiao Airport T2

Since I am not planning a trip to any of those spots, I have been asking the community as well as friends to take some photos if you spot the above photo! I’d be so grateful if you can share this with a friend or relative in the above areas.

Kel Ward - This is seriously INCREDIBLE, Alpana!! I want to walk by one of your images out in public and yell, “I know her!” Congrats.

An Angel Island Playdate

To photos that remind us that everything becomes a memory.

To right now, passing like water in every breath, to happier times slipping in tendrils through our fingers, to friends who make villages who make chains of hands to lift us from the deepest holes, we are saying thank you no matter what, and fighting with quietly fisted hearts.

~ Amy Grace

When I am old and gray, I think of the moments I want to remember and people I would want in my life. If I could freeze time, this would be one of those days that we spent together on Angel Island. The time Amy and I met up for a playdate of our own with our kids. Our friendship has grown to a close one and time always flies when we are together. Most of the time, we talk and talk and at the end of it laugh about the pictures we could or should have taken. Amy is the gifted artist behind Motherhood with a Camera and a magician with words. I love the way she sees the world in poetry and words that blend together seamlessly. She is a rare bird, that girl, and I am so very thankful to have her in my life. A few images of our unintentional session and a quiet glimpse of something pure… her mama heart and the love those two siblings have for one another.



Kel Ward - This location is super cool, but you and your artistic eye brought it all to life. The light, the expressions, the subtle wind in the hair…nailed it!

Trish Barker - Gosh I love your work. So beautiful.

Meghan Boyer - Ok, next playdate, I want in on! Your work is always amazing Alpana, and of course I just love Amy and her beautiful tribe. <3

Sandra Coan - Love these! What a fun day!!

Linda - This looks like an amazing place. Looks like you guys had fun. Great photos.

East Coast Family on the West Coast | Bay Area Photographer

This one is one of my favorites where the little guy jumped into mama’s arms while we were doing some headshot photos.

From a recent session with this gorgeous family visiting the bay area from the east coast. I spent a very enjoyable afternoon with some of the most polite kids I have photographed. Mom also wanted some headshots for an upcoming business venture so we did a few minutes of capturing those between moments of family portraits. The images are a mix of film and digital. Also, if you follow me on instagram, you might have seen this image from the session. Often, I share sneak peeks and images that I might not share on the blog or my facebook page. Click on the link to check out my feed 🙂

And, to book your family session, please contact me through the website.

Kel Ward - I just love your work, Alpana! Your clients truly do get fine art images of their families.

Holiday Portraits on Film

It’s about that time when you might be thinking about holiday photos! This year, I will be offering a couple of dates for Holiday Portraits on Film!


I am offering mini sessions for those that are looking for holiday photos for cards, that don’t need a full on lifestyle session with me. For those looking for updated family photos that can be used for holiday cards, gifts, etc, updated headshots or social media profile photos, expectant mom photos, or simply milestone kid photos.These simple sessions will be roughly 15 minutes with one roll of film and photographed outdoors.

Sunday, November 1, San Francisco

Location: TBD


Again, who are these sessions best for?

Families, Kids, Engaged Couples, Maternity, or even Business Headshots. These sessions will be kept short and simple! If you are looking
for something a little more lifestyle, please consider booking a longer session.

What is included?

The basic session includes your 15 minute portrait session, my creative ability :-), a roll of film, a private gallery with 10-12 images,
and one digital file of your choice.

Are there other collections available?

Yes. You would have the choice to pick a different collection. For eg. Collection 2 is available for $550 with five digital files. Additional print
and digital products will be available for purchase at a special pricing.

How many people are included in the pricing?

Your immediate family of upto four people. If you would like to add any other additional members, you may do so for an added $25 each.

What time should I arrive?

Please be sure to get to the location at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time. Since the sessions are scheduled back to back, late arrivals
would result in your losing some shoot time. And, I really, really do not want to do so shooting film 🙂

What is your refund policy?

Since your session time is reserved only for you, no refunds will be given. If there is some sort of an emergency, and I am notified 48 hours ahead of time, I will be able to apply the paid amount toward a future full session. Please know that this is a special event and I do not offer these sessions
on a regular basis.

Why film?

I have had a love affair with film and wanted to offer them to you! Here is a recent couples session on black and white film. There is
a special quality to the film images that I adore besides the art of creating a film image. I will most likely use digital as well and shoot
one roll of film. If you are curious about seeing what film images look like please check out this film portfolio gallery. Often a single film image is my favorite from an entire gallery of images!

How soon will I be able to view my gallery?

It will take 3-4 or so to have your gallery ready to view. Film processing can take a bit of time so please keep that in mind. If timing is a concern,
I can shoot digitally and the turnaround is generally 2-3 weeks. Also, depending on your order (if you would like additional products,
it may add to the time).

To BOOK YOUR SESSION please click below
Eventbrite - San Francisco Mini Sessions on Film

I will have limited sessions available in the East Bay on Oct 25th. Please contact me for info.

Newborn in San Francisco

This lifestyle newborn session was with a brand new five day old little boy in their San Francisco home. When I walked into their home, I loved this moment. The way the little guy fit right into daddy’s strong hands. And mom’s hands holding the baby’s little hands. They only stay that big for so long. Our memories fade and my hope is that these image will keep them alive for a very long time.

When I have a potential newborn client, I often get asked what is the best time to do a newborn baby session. I love photographing babies at various stages and here are some things to consider to help you make your own decision.

1. Brand new. You might hear a lot of newborn photographers talk about the best time being the first two weeks. This might seem a bit crazy for a brand new, sleep deprived mama (and dads). So, what is the hurry? In the early days, your baby will generally sleep soundly, curl up and also most likely be acne free. However, being brand new your baby is likely not on a schedule. You might find out that the baby might behave a little differently on the day of the shoot that they would otherwise. Whaaat? The baby might be fussy and it is perfectly normal as they are being handled quite a bit more and made to have a workout. New-born sessions can be time-consuming for documentary style sessions however I invite moms and dads to feed and change babies as needed. Often, it is also a part of the session that might be documented. Beautiful connection images of holding the baby, feeding the baby are all important for posterity. I try to keep the sessions relaxed and ultimately, it is not about perfectly posed babies (which I tried for a while and didn’t enjoy. You might want to consider if you are looking for a more posed approach to find a photographer that does it well. And safely.

2. Three Months. I love this stage when babies are a little older and might be on more of a schedule. Developmentally they are increasingly more aware of the world and you have had a little more time to get caught up on your sleep and rest. At this age, they can be on their stomachs and support their heads. Here is a lifestyle session with this lovely San Francisco family with their two month old baby girl and older toddler sister.

3. Six months. Your baby is not brand new and is probably starting to sit up by herself. From a photography perspective they still need to be supported and the best ways are with a parent holding them or sitting in some type of a prop. And there is of course lying on the bed or the floor. However, this is quite a different session from when the baby is a few days old. Here is a six month session on the blog.

If you have the budget to sessions at various stages, it is great however most try to pick a milestone for professional photographs that would be be cherished the most. I also think as individuals with varying tastes and most importantly knowing yourself as a new mom, it is best to take it all into consideration to make your decision. Don’t cheap out on these early photos… book a photographer that will create beautiful timeless memories that will be priceless for your family.

If you would like to book a professional newborn session, please contact me through the website.

Fishing with Grandpa | San Francisco Family Photographer

boy and his grandfather out fishing boy holding bait
fishing with grandpa
boy looks at grandpa
generations at lake fishing
grandpa takes bait to fish
preteen fishing with grandpa
the catch
the catch
boy with grandpa at lake
grandpa at lake

As summer is going to be soon a faded memory, I wanted to edit some of my favorite photos from our trip to the midwest before they get buried in the dark abyss of my hard drive. My twelve year old got to go fishing with grandpa to this beautiful lake close to where they live out in the country. What made this special is that my father-in-law is a charter member of this conservation club and was instrumental in helping create it. My husband and his younger brother used to go there as kids and I shared an old photo with the story in my instagram feed here. Grandpa showed him how to present the bait, and cast the fishing rod out in the lake. They caught one little fish and released him back in the lake in the end.

These are a mix of film on the Contax 645 with Kodak Portra scanned by State Film Lab and digital photos.