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ayla II | san francisco fine art photographer

Nikon F100 // HP5

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jen - These all have such a wonderful ethereal feel to them – love them! jen 🙂

Kristin - Beautiful work, absolutely lovely!

Kim - Beautiful!!! Yay, for shooting film, too. 🙂

Heather Puett - So soft and dreamy!

Kelly Wilson - LOVE! My favorite is the first color photo…soooo beautiful!

Vanessa G. Photography - Yummy grain. Lovely.

sara - These are amazing.

Lisa S. - Beautiful shots!! You just can’t beat film black and white… It just has something digital can’t replicate.

Paula - Wow your work is just breathtaking!

Julie - Just lovely – everything about these is so beautiful!

Anna-Karin - Gorgeous photography of a beautiful subject!

Lina - So beautiful! Each and every image is flawless and perfect – truly beautiful!!

Timeless Treasures

This post is a creative collaboration with some talented photographers around the US and Canada. The theme for this post is “Monochrome” which describes images in a single color. My inspiration for this post came from my friend Olga’s box of old photos that we browsed through over a cup of tea. Interestingly, they bear […]

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Corey Sewell - Fantastic images and post, Alpana! I have always enjoyed looking through old photographs and now it’s so fun to see my children enjoy the same thing – and also to think of them looking through photographs with their children!

Julie - Stunning! I am completely in LOVE with old photographs. I am always sad to see boxes of them at the antique markets – those are someones family and they should have a better home. My family just spend time pouring over some old images during our Easter visit. And I love how you have captured them here…just lovely.

Brandy Anderson - Oh wow, what an awesome collection of old photographs! Perfect for the theme!

austin family photographer teri mason - Oh how special these photos are! I love that you chose this as your take on the theme! Love seeing the old photos 🙂

Monochrome - Blog Carousel | Innamorata Photography ~ Chattanooga, Atlanta, Nashville, Knoxville, Birmingham and North & South Carolina also photographing Destination Weddings and Portrait Sessions - […] next person in our blog carousel is Alpana of Storybox Art, San Francisco’s Family and Kids photographer -Alpana is an amazing artist and I can’t wait to see what she came up with. […]

lisa m - Oh, this just speaks to me, Alpana. I once found an old suitcase filled with a family’s pictures in Prague. I spent hours pouring over the images, watching children–who were now old–grow up. It was the moment that I realized what a heritage family photos could be!

Melody Hood - Absolutely love these photographs! You’re so lucky to have them and I enjoyed reading your post!

Anna-Karin - Beautiful documentation and capture of this monochromatic theme. There is most certainly something magical about photographs, new or old and this post really explains it well!

lauri - Well, you know I love these! I do love sifting through old photos myself.

Simone Hanckel - Beautiful post and love the comments about the digital files. These photographs would have been long lost had they been as fragile as a jpeg. Photographs are a gift to your descendants 🙂

Ruthi - What a wonderful concept and execution. I just love everything about this, Alpana.

alpana - Thanks for the comments. I have to thank my friend Olga for letting me borrow her precious old photos and Laurie for co-authoring the article.

PamN - Those old photos are still stunning because they are top-quality; a bunch of digital files captured with a cell phone is no substitute!!! I hope this reminds people to make the investment in the future!

Danna - those memories are priceless……how lucky we are to be able to preserve moments for those in the future to cherish.

Dena Robles - This is such a treasure to own. I love love love to sit and look through old photographs and reminisce and try to put together pieces of history. How thankful I am that my ancestors invested in tangible printed photographs.

Mary Beth - I love old photographs, sifting through them, trying to make out the faded writing on the backs… These made me smile. 🙂

Samara - Oh Alpana – these are amazing. I love love vintage photographs. A great reminder for me to make sure my Grandmother gives hers to me and a great reminder of why it is important to have a tangible print and not just digital files.

Christine Szeto - Thanks for the article and sharing these priceless images. Love, love your work!

Jim Davis - I loved this post. I so wish I had old family photos like this.

How was your Mother’s Day?

Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s day! In celebration of the day, I thought I would share some old pictures of my beautiful mom from my box of photos. The one on the left is a classic studio picture that will stay forever timeless. The one to the right is one of my mom and […]

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Anna-Karin - I love seeing old photographs, especially ones like these that shows the tradition from your heritage. What I mean is the beautiful Sari that she is wearing. Gorgeous!

ashley - Those old images are just gorgeous! How beautiful.