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fly away with me | san francisco family photographer

This little guy was super duper sleepy through the first half of the session. A short little nap was all he needed to freshen up after which he was full of laughter and giggles. His mommy commissioned me to capture portraits of him at about a year as well as family portraits. I feel so […]

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Christina - Alpana you are such a joy to work with. I stumbled across your website after reading rave reviews on yelp and fell in love with your portfolios. The great reviews did not lie. You were very patient with my sleepy and curious boy. You made us all feel so comfy and relaxed. You jus know how to capture that moment and turn it into a work of art. We are so excited to see more. We’re jus so happy we found you!! If anyone wants to book a session with alpana you won’t regret it!! You’ll be so happy u did!! We hope to work with you again in the future!

Michelle Patricio - Great photos above! Can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures. I like how the photographer captured Jacob’s happy face. I know how he can get when Jacob’s sleepy or hungry. Look like you guys had a lot of fun too. Jacob can model for Baby Gap! hehe

Emily Yeung-Yuen - awwwwwwww… i love these photos!!! yes, i also love how the photographer had captured Jacob’s happy face and I love the way she edits the color on the photos. You have to be really patient to take baby photos. She did a great job! i really can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures!

Trisha deVera - Kudos to the photographer! These pictures are wonderful. Maybe we can do our own family photo. That would be wonderful since my girls are so grown up now.
Jacob looks so cute. I am a proud auntie. Looking forward to seeing more photos.

Vivian de Vera - Amazing! You were able to take great happy pictures of a baby who just woke up? Usually a baby is cranky and hungry. You must have a magic touch and probably babies just like. Great shots! I will surely highly recommend you to friends and relatives – such work of art.

Jessica de Vera - Adorable! I can’t wait to see more!

Milisa Ortanez - I love these photos of Jacob! The photographer did a great job and I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures! Thanks to the wonderful pictures, now I know where to get my next family photos!

Jerrilyn Wong - A baby’s smile is priceless, period. What a wonderful job you did captivating the essence of Jacob’s innocence, happiness and pure joy. Photos represent photographers, where the outsiders can take a stroll with the story that pictures reveal, through your eyes. Not only did we see an incredibly adorable baby boy, but you also allowed us to witness just how must LOVE is in the air with the Domingo and Christina as well. Thanks for making my day. Looking forward to viewing more of your masterpieces!

Timmy Huynh - Incredible pictures! It’s amazing what you can do with a camera. When I look into a camera an shoot a picture. I get a picture. When amazing people like yourself clicks that button. You capture all the essence of life and all it’s inspiration!

Corporate photographer London - Love the lens flare- great shots- Grant

Alice Lui - great photos. These photos have captured the little angel and the parents’ joyous moments.A good photographer sure knows the right timing and angle to “click” !

David Anthony - Great Job! Amazing!

connie ortanez - Thank you for the awesome pictures of them! Truely professional. They, too, look like professional models. Loved how you captured the joy & happiness in them!! It is a beautiful thing to see. I love all the pictures! I see a modeling future for our Jacob ;-p


Tinney Leong Sheehan - A picture can tell a story of contentment and the bond shared between all. Your ability to capture priceless expressions is amazing and most important of all it MAKES EVERY PHOTO memorable in so many ways. Great job and continue taking amazing photos.

Peter - WOW! I really like the way you presented these photos and the color contrasts are inviting to the eyes!!

Ernie Tsuchiya - Beautiful pictures. Of course the when the subject is such a beautiful baby it must make it a bit easier. None the less the colors as well as the theme are also impressive.

Denise - Great pics of Jacob and of the Ortanez family! I can’t wait to see the rest of the other pictures.

Nghi Quan - Very natural shots of the baby with a great smile.

Helen MA - wow, what cute pics!!! Love all the smiley pictures that photographer captured, “million dollar” smiles :-). Seems like the whole family had fun in the picture taking process, not just little Jacob! Can’t wait to see the whoel albumn.

Beatrice Samudio - The photos are beautiful! They capture Jacob’s personality. We can’t wait to see more. We may contact the photographer for our family photos 🙂

AJ - Awwww…so cute my baby cousin Jacob!!

Karen - omg those photos are soooooo cute! i love all the colors!

Brandon - these are great photos of baby jacob and the parents. the photographer did a great job!!

Joanne Ramos - Jacob is soo CUTE! All Smiles;) Great Family photo as well.

Satish - as the saying goes… “Picture speaks louder than words”…

Lorna Quitoriano - Very cute pics!!! I love the way the photographer captured Jacob’s smiles…natural. =)

Can’t wait to see more!!!

Evelyn Gan - The pictures are great! I loved the family picture with the natural light behind it, that was awesome!!!

if wishes were fishes…

…I could photograph this little guy all day long. Besides being adorable, he is such a happy little guy. I loved every minute of being with him and his gorgeous mama. This is our third photo session together at almost two years old. I met him and his gorgeous family as a wee little newborn […]

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Rhonda Stark - i so adore your work!! love that first image .. and his expression in the last!

Corporate photographer London - They are really good shots- love the fact that the edges have been burned in a little like we used to do with wet printing- plus the garden looks like mine! Grant

baby boy blue, a gorgeous family and their vw bus | marin family photographer

For this session, I trekked out to the Marin Headlands to capture this family in some of their favorite spots. I fell in love with this gorgeous family and spent a wonderful evening documenting their time together. Our original session was intended for little William’s one year photos though we ended up doing them around […]

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sarah wheeler - these are beautiful 🙂

ashley - Beautiful images. I’m sure the family is thrilled with them!

Lori - Gorgeous selection of images. Love the one in the VW van!

Sophie Crew - Gorgeous images – love the VW one. The family is beautiful and wow, that little guy in the first shots is so cute! Makes me miss Marin (I grew up there :))

michelle haley - What a lucky family! These are gorgeous- and the processing is perfect!

mary mchenry - I love them!! Great compositions and colors.

Stacie - What a gorgeous family, and such beautiful images!

Rebecca - SO touching, they make me want to weep. You are so incredibly talented at showing emotion through your photography. Just beautiful!

ally - Fantatic session and wow! Those eyes! And I agree ~ the processing is just beautiful.

Julie - Great session! The set of images has a wonderful mood – I really love them all (and as a former childhood rock collector myself, that first set is my have LOL)

Mary Lynne Ashley - Wow, your work is just gorgeous. Can’t help but think of “Little Miss Sunshine” with that bus shot!

Teresa - Love every last image! Really beautiful processing and you can really feel the love from this family!

Lori Wood Habiger - Gosh, what amazing eyes that baby has. Really nice lifestyle shoot.

Lina - oh my, what an amazing session! Absolutely fantastic family captures. So free and fun, love it!

then and now | san francisco baby photographer

For a long time there were only your footprints & laughter in our dreams & even from such small things, we knew we could not wait to love you forever. ~ Storypeople Love this Storypeople quote so much. Baby J was a long awaited princess that has brought so much joy to her family. To […]

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ChelleL - I love the first year photos of Baby J. What treasures for Mom to see her first year like this. Beautiful work!

Stefani Wedl - They are all amazing, but the one year shot of Baby J with her face in her hands is absolutely classic!

ally - Stunning! How lucky is her mom to have such amazing art to document her little life?! Love them all.

Tara Kennedy - I just stumbled across your work and fell in love. I’m a new photographer out in Chicago and have to just tell you how beautiful you work is. Your images bring such an emotional response. Just beautiful. I’ll be following! 🙂

Julie - What an adorable girl!!! And how wonderful that you were able to have the opportunity to capture her in photographs and watch her grown!! These are beautiful!

Lori Wood Habiger - What a great blog post – so neat to see the baby grow over time. Love your work!

Jane Eaton Hamilton - Seriously, could anyone be cuter? That close up should be HUGE on the parents’ walls. Wow, she’s adorable, and you did an awesome job.

Sandie - Gorgeous images! Those first three show so much connection and I love the story you told of her now. Beautiful work.

ashley - Beautiful! So awesome to see them growing up. Love that capture of independence!

Belle - love these!!

Jennifer - What a beautiful set of portraits to document the first year. Lovely!

Desiree Hayes - Soooo cute! These are STUNNING!

Rhonda Stark - love those b+w’s documenting her first year .. amazing! and her latest session too .. love the color on the storyboard!

Laura Geraci - What a beautiful blog post. Such precious images. Just gorgeous!

Little Miss Claire Bear | San Francisco Family Photographer

The most important thing you leave behind is the stuff that turns into treasures when children find it. ~Storypeople I adore this Storypeople quote. It made me think of sweet memories we created for baby C’s family and how they will cherish them forever. When baby C grows up to be a beautiful young lady […]

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Stefani Wedl - thanks Alpana!! LOVE them all; I really love the one of the three of us!! (you do B&W amazingly well!!!)
I’ll vote for number 4 as my favorite…but I think if I were to vote at another moment in time I’d chose a different one every time. thanks for your hard work thus far; we can’t wait to see the rest!

Julie - Tough choice. I think #4 is my fave.

Carole Wedl - I’m the grandmommy; so, of course, I love all of them! Except for the blue eyes, Claire is so much like Stefani at that age. Pix 1 & 3 are especially like Stefani, as I remember. they’re all favorites but #6 with the whole family is especially dear. You ahve a great eye for shots. Thanks!

Sandy - Beautiful !!! These are all works of art – so charming and expressive. #6 of the whole family would be my favorite. However, choosing is hard -each of the expressions that you caught of Claire amplifies the other. #4 is precious. I also really like the way you captured the lighting on her features with #1. #2 profile cracked me up -like some of us ‘older’women who attempt to show our best ‘side.’ From there, she seemed totally entertained with the process!! You are gifted !
Thanks for letting us share in the experience – she’s a little angel !

Courtney Pickering - Great shots of little Claire Bear! I’m Claire’s Auntie and mom of her favorite playmate, Owen. I love #4: big smile, fingers in the mouth…what could be better? Can’t wait to see more!

Don Wedl - As the grandpa, “papa,” I vote for number 5.

Amy Buehler - The pictures are adorable! My favorite is #4. She feels that her teeth are coming in of course…
I also love the family picture. You have a beautiful, photogenic family!!

Teresa Lujan - They are all so adorable but numbers 3, 4, and 5 are especially so.

Lee Ann Pickering - It is a hard call, because they are all very good, but I have to go with #5. Loved the family portrait too!

Sarah Spann - Love Love Love Little Miss Claire Bear #4! It is amazing how you caught the twinkle in her beautiful baby blues. Perfect photo.

sabrina - they are all precious shots! but i think #5 and #6 are my favorites – beautiful baby, beautiful mommy, beautiful family!

Lola - Well, I like them all but I especially like #6 because I love b&w and Darren isn’t so bad to look at, either. I also like #2. First, you can see that sweet baby neck which is just my favorite part of a baby and I like that she’s totally taken with something off-camera and will be investigating that soon. Also, you get the full effect of those cheeks! Great job. Great subject.

heather - you are simply amazing! i just adore all of these! your clients are so lucky to have you–you truly create priceless art!

Rhonda Stark - lovely lovely lovely .. all of them! but i’m going to have to vote for #4 .. and i love the family image too!

Bobbi Presser - Great pictures. I’m with Don. #5 is my favorite.
Wonderful shots and they really catch her personality.
Great Aunt Bobbi

Carolyn Glover - Absolutely beautiful photos of Miss Claire! I vote for #3!

Jane Eaton Hamilton - Oh, she’s so dear. Love that last one esp.

Amy Pickering - These pictures are wonderful. Such an adorable baby and great faces! My favorite is #3 because Claire is just so darn happy! As others noted, the family shot is also great!

mandy - these are pure brilliance. when i see my own family photographed, this is how i see it. i just love everything about your work. My fav for the baby is #3 for sure…

Jane and Alan Raphael - Number one for Claire. Those eyes and her mouth convey a look of wonder. They are part of the beauty of Claire Bear. Nice soft light evokes a feeling of baby beauty. Can’t wait to put her in our arms.

Heather Rabineau - I love them all! She’s SO cute. #1 and #5 are my favorite. I love the family photo too. Love Autie Heather 🙂

Shane and Ashton Rabineau - Ashton and I love baby Claire in all of them. #4 is Ashton’s favorite photo of his cousin. We also love the family photo.

jessica tomei - My favorite picture is number four and the family picture. These pictures are beautiful!!

ash - Thanks for sharing!


Carolyn was the recipient of a family session through my Giving is Awesome giveaway back in December 2009. She was nominated by Rosa of Level 5. When I read her story I knew right away that I had to photograph her family. Carolyn is a breast cancer survivor and still undergoing chemo treatments every few […]

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Carolyn Griffith - Thank you Alpana. Giving is Awesome and so is receiving!
Love Carolyn

old and new

my updated twitter screen with some old and new photos.

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ChelleL - I could look at your work all day, Alpana. Stunning!

ashley - Beautiful work, alpana:)

nancy - wonderful photographs

Stacie - Beautiful work!

Giovanna - What a beautiful collage! Striking images.

Julie - Wow! What a lovely selection of images! Great work!

PamN - Beautiful representation of your talent!

Jennifer - Wow! Your work is amazing!

Laura - Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!