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My Photo Shot on iPhone6 in the Apple World Gallery

The above Shot on iPhone 6 image above was licensed by Apple for their current World Gallery campaign. It was among the very first images I created with my new iPhone with my boy and his friend Zach. These two call themselves twins as they are born on the same day! Am excited to share […]

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Kel Ward - This is seriously INCREDIBLE, Alpana!! I want to walk by one of your images out in public and yell, “I know her!” Congrats.

Chicago in three days | iPhoneography

We spent three enjoyable days in Chicago this summer. It was a lot of fun as we stayed close to the Magnificent Mile and got in a ton of exercise. We walked anywhere from 5-10 miles in a day! Thought I would share some of the iPhone photos I took around Chicago. I did buy a […]

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Kel Ward - The fact that you took these with your iPhone only solidifies that you’re a true artist. These are fantastic!

wendy laurel - you are so great!!! I love how you see

Trish Barker - I love that you took these with your iPhone. So awesome!!

melanie - these were taken with an iphone?! they’re fantastic!!!

kelsy mccartney - almost looks like these were shot with a holga camera! awesome!

Jen O - You have a gift – So so great!

Tutorial on Deleting Photos off your iPhone

Have you ever had it happen before where you suddenly find your iPhone at full capacity? Well, I did recently. Being a chronic over-shooter and all. And, it wasn’t the first time. In the past, I have gone through and painstakingly deleted images one by one to keep the few I wanted. That took so […]

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kel ward - Well, this sure would have been helpful last week when I was deleting 500 photos by hand. LOL.

wendy laurel - i always struggle with this!! thanks

Sandra Coan - I’m forwarding this to my husband ASAP! Great info!

Mirelle - I totally needed this!!!

Kina - This is very helpful Alpana! Totally going to do this.

Jodi - great to know – thanks for the share

jody savage - so good to know! bookmarking for later as this always happens to me!

Kimberly Barnes - Ooooh, so glad you posted this! I really need to go through my phone and clear out some photos!

Jenny Owens - Thanks for this post Alpana. So useful.

Kristin - Perfect timing and great tip! I need to clean up my phone too!

Lindsay Madden - I have an Android 🙂 But this tutorial seems super helpful!!!

Clary - This so helpful!!

Project 10 | Rain rain come again

After a long hiatus, I am re-joining the project 10. We had a fairly un-eventful day. My husband had a long work week and it was nice to have a slow start to the day. We have had rain off and on through the past three days. Most of us have been rejoicing the rain […]

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Kristin - I love the simple beauty and allure of these….simple, yet totally captivating.

Ginger Unzueta - I could look at your beautiful work all day Alpana. Wonderful.

Mirelle Carmichael - Alpana, I LOVE your work.

Kirsty - It’s so good to have you back – and on a month to rejoice – love that you captured that so simply and wonderfully Alpana

Krystle Akin - Love! The image of him playing games. So awesome!

Kina - Those gorgeous eyes!! I think my favorite is his adorable joy playing the video game though<3

Trish Barker - Love how you compose with color, and yet also rock the black and whites. And what a gorgeous child that is… my goodness… those eyes. Future heartbreaker.

Ashley Kelemen - Love how simple and bold these are!!

Lindsay Madden - Your work is so mesmerizing. I love when you post! And again, your little man’s eyes are crazy beautiful. 🙂

Sandra Coan - I always love your work! Just beautiful!

Joyce Kang - What a handsome boy you have!! The second to last one I can totally relate 🙂 Perfect!

Lisa O'Dwyer - His eyes are amazing! Beautiful work!

Marcie Lynn - His eyes!!!! So lovely. Beautiful pictures.

Blenda Montoro Miller - More of those dreamy EYES?! Yes, please :)))

Jen O. - Love the colors and how interesting each shot is.

kel ward - Those eyes!! Wow. Also, I love your creative eye and the pops o unexpected color her and there.

Lauren Guilford - Your work really is so great! I love your perspective. I can totally see that B&W image with the hands over his ears being in an art gallery.

Amber Snow - These are so cool! Love all of them. And that orange VW is rocking.

Rachel May - I love the life in this!! Gorgeous!

Kati Decker - That kiddo’s eyes are amazing! Great shots. I love the big smile with the video game controller. 🙂

melanie - oh, i just love these! i love the silhouette shot with the video game controller…too cool!

Pop-up Portraits

A few images from my 10 minute pop-up sessions from last November that I can finally share on my new blog. I set out to see what I could capture in ten minutes per child (person). I learned a lot from the exercise. In some cases, I spent a little more time to accommodate siblings […]

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Trish Barker - I shoot school photos for my son’s school and have about 2 minutes per child to create a relationship, create trust and snap a genuine expression. It is SO HARD. But so rewarding. These are FANTASTIC! Especially considering how little time that is. Well done!

Marcie Lynn - Look at those beautiful kiddos! And, all that lovely light. Great work!

Lisa O'Dwyer - Gorgeous work! They are so cute!

sandra coan - I’m always such a fan of your work! These are fantastic!!

Krystle Akin - Oh my word! How stinking cute are all of these??!??

Mirelle Carmichael - Wonderful captures in just ten minutes!

Lindsay Madden - You have such a wonderful eye! I truly love the sun flare images!

Summer - really good…and an awesome concept..most kids are done after 10 minutes anyways. Love you and your work Alpana!

Kristin Sweeting - SO fun love! These are so cute!

Gorete - Oh.. I love every single one~ gorgeous!

Nancy - Love these so much! I totally want to try this in the spring!!

kristen - Such cute kiddos, wonderful work!

stefanie kapra - These are the most refreshing photographs I have seen in a long time. Raw, simple and so beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

wendy laurel - love how you used the light! im a a fan!

Kina - Sweet little bugs! It only takes a few minutes when you have all that cuteness in front of you, huh?! So cute.

suzyb - What a great idea, the photos are awesome! And such an awesome personal exercise to brush up on getting to know kiddos in a short period of time. Love your candid/documentary work and a nice refreshing change of pace to see some lovely portraits too, great job Alpana!!

Amber Snow - Super fun! You rock the wide angle.

Joyce Kang - what a fun collection!! Great way for mini sessions. I can’t believe you got each of these just under 10 mins!

Kristin - These are fantastic! I always adore your work, no exception here.

Blenda Montoro Miller - These kids are just so cute!!!

Jen O. - Cute cute cute. SO sweet!

Kati Decker - Some seriously amazing moments you’ve captured here! I love all that flare!

Nicole - What a fun idea! Great images!

kel ward - Cuties! oh my gosh!

Lauren Guilford - I love the challenge of 10 mins each…you did a fabulous job!

Jodi - Really fun natural images.

Rachel May - LOVE the idea!! Gorgeous images!!

melanie - how cute are these?! oh my gosh, i love this!!

Brian Wasem - You continue to produce amazing work!

Ring in the new…

…year with a new look to Storyboxart. Happy New Year! “The object of a new year is not that we should have a new year, but rather that we should have a new soul.” ~ G.K. Chesterton

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Kristin Sweeting - Your site looks so great!! Excited to see what this year holds for you!

wendy - love the logo and authentic photo narration is perfect! love your work.

Lindsay Madden - I love your logo! 🙂

kristen - Beautiful work on this new site!! So fresh.

Blenda Montoro Miller - So unique and beautiful!!! just perfect :)))

Mirelle Carmichael - LOVE your logo!!!

kel ward - I love it!

Jenny Owens - You’ve got a really nice brand and new site!

Jen Lynne - I love the new look, just gorgeous branding!!

Valentina - Your brand is so lovely!

suzyb - LOVE the new site Alpana! It looks fabulous and your work is just so fun to go through, each photo more lovely than the last. Congrats!!!

the mom stays in the picture.

It has been quite a while since I posted anything on the blog! Thought I would share a few images from a mother/daughter San Francisco portrait session to celebrate the upcoming Mother’s day! Most often mom’s don’t get into the picture and find a myriad of excuses not to. I am guilty of it myself. […]

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Sneha - That reminds me, my kiddy pictures hardly have my mum 🙁