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Tutorial on Deleting Photos off your iPhone

Have you ever had it happen before where you suddenly find your iPhone at full capacity? Well, I did recently. Being a chronic over-shooter and all. And, it wasn’t the first time. In the past, I have gone through and painstakingly deleted images one by one to keep the few I wanted. That took so […]

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kel ward - Well, this sure would have been helpful last week when I was deleting 500 photos by hand. LOL.

wendy laurel - i always struggle with this!! thanks

Sandra Coan - I’m forwarding this to my husband ASAP! Great info!

Mirelle - I totally needed this!!!

Kina - This is very helpful Alpana! Totally going to do this.

Jodi - great to know – thanks for the share

jody savage - so good to know! bookmarking for later as this always happens to me!

Kimberly Barnes - Ooooh, so glad you posted this! I really need to go through my phone and clear out some photos!

Jenny Owens - Thanks for this post Alpana. So useful.

Kristin - Perfect timing and great tip! I need to clean up my phone too!

Lindsay Madden - I have an Android 🙂 But this tutorial seems super helpful!!!

Clary - This so helpful!!

Medium Format Film Portrait

My boy at ten years. Contax + XP2

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Sandra Coan - gorgeous!!!

Kimberly Barnes - Beautiful!

Jodi - Very striking but in a calm way. Those eyes……….

Marcie Lynn - As always, stunning! His eyes…so amazing.

wendy laurel - gorgeous per usual. better get those portraits while you can… its get dicey getting cooperation in those teen years .. at least with my son 🙂

Ashley Kelemen - Such a stunning image!!

Kristin - So gorgeous!

Christine Sargologos - Gorgeous boy. This is perfect.

Mirelle - I love this image!!!!

kel ward - Gorgeous!

This one’s for Amber | East bay family photographer

Last year, many of you opened up your hearts and donated to raise funds for Amber’s Cure. Every year, I try to donate a photo session as my pay-it-forward to help someone I can with my art. This one was for Amber. Amber is a brave young mama with two boys that is battling a […]

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Joyce Kang - What a sweet family!! Praying for Amber <3

christina - so sweet alpana!

Kristin Sweeting - So beautiful! What a precious family. The black and whites are stunning!

Sandra Coan - What a fantastic family session! Love them all, but that last image slays me!

wendy laurel - love this and love the thought behind it. Hoping Amber is doing well.

Lindsay Madden - Absolutely beautiful work, as always! Your images always evoke so much emotion. Love it!

Marcie Lynn - I love your style. The B&Ws are my favorite! Beautifully photographed!

Stefanie Kapra - These are so true and real and beautiful. And these big dark eyes from the kids are just gorgeous. Great post. Thanks for sharing!

Krystle Akin - OH MY WORD! Precious!!! Love!

Mirelle - Such a beautiful family session – that last shot is my favorite!!!!

Jodi - Another gorgeous set of images – love your different ‘view’ and angles.

jody savage - this is so so lovely. love your work!! the black and whites are amazing!

Chantal Stoner - I think this batch of photos was even better than the session we did last year. Just love everything about these!

Jaine Kershner - the sweetest little girls ever. such a wonderful family session!

Kelsy McCartney - ohhh those first two and the last one were quick favorites!! beautiful session, very refreshing and full of life 🙂

Rachel May - Goodness, this is so lovely Alpana. I adore the life in them… beautiful movement.

Kina Wicks - Oh my goodness, the first image just look my breath away!

Emily Anderson - Wow! These are so creative and dreamy! Beautiful job, Alpana!

Jenny Owens - What a great thing to do and these are beautiful photographs.

Sera Petras - These are great. That last shot is stunning! What a sweet family session!

Kimberly Barnes - Such a lovely family session!

San Francisco Family Portraits

A walk around the neighborhood to capture a San Francisco family. The last black and white is one of my favorites…a moment of stillness from the little guy. And sitting as he did, it seemed like he was peering right through my soul like a wise man that had just turned four that very day. […]

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jody savage - wow – these are great! love the light and the emotion in the pictures! what cute little guy!!

wendy laurel - im definitely a fan. that last image.. just WOW

christina - love shooting in the city! so lovely!!

Sandra Coan - What an adorable session! Love these!!!

Mirelle - Love this session! The last shot is my fave!

melanie - love these!! i love how you captured his playfulness and joy! so sweet 🙂

Marcie Lynn - These are great! I am in love with that wall and the little boy next to it is so perfect!

Jodi - Awesome session – love that wall the colours are so cool and that little man is adorable.

Blenda Montoro Miller - He is SO adorable! lovely photos but really really love the black and white :)))

Lindsay Madden - What a sweet little kid he is! Beautiful work!

Carolee - What a fun use of location! love them!

Lisa O'Dwyer - I adore these! Such a beautiful happy family! You are so talented!

A nerf gun playdate

A nerf gun playdate. And an opportunity for me to play and experiment with my camera. One of these sessions that I might not do for a client but can push the envelope for personal projects.  So here we go… with guns and all. At one point, when my son was younger, I swore he […]

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jody savage - these are so so brilliant!!

Lisa H. - I always said the same about my son and yet he has nerf guns laying around too. These shots are super cool! I don’t know what the filter is your using, but it makes the photos look very cool.

wendy laurel - how the heck? my very favorite post from you… I need to learn your secrets.. love the feel of these.. that double/triple exposure is killer and love the rainbow, the blur.. so freaking good!

Lauren Guilford - These are awesome!

Jodi - Soooooo good – love seeing experiments and pushing the norm.

Joyce Kang - These are so great!! Totally reminds me of my boys! The double exposures and triples are rad!

Lindsay Madden - I have no words. That first image is amazing. Triple exposure?? Crazy good!

Lisa O'Dwyer - Fantastic work! I love that you are making the everyday life of your children into art. They will treasure these!

kel ward - Only you could make Nerf gun wars look artistic and cool. You rock!

Kelsy McCartney - This looks like so much fun! Reminds me of my younger brother growing up, who loved to have Nerf gun wars with friends 🙂

Marcie Lynn - How creative! I love looking through these.

Mirelle Carmichael - I love all of these photographs! You are so talented!

Briana Marie - Love these! This inspires me because usually when the plastic toys come out, I put my camera away but these are awesome!

Kati Decker - So creative. What were you shooting through? I love them all!

At home with an east bay family

Got to hang out with this lovely family at their home last year to document that time in their life. Their baby boy wasn’t quite a year old and a perfect time to capture him before he got too mobile. One of my favorite moments was the one you see above with the kids eating […]

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Lindsay Madden - You’re SO good! I absolutely love your style. Beautiful work!

Jodi - gorgeous work – it feels like you (me the viewer) are right there with the family.

Stefanie Kapra - These are delicious! Great style.

jody savage - love your style! it’s so raw and real life. absolutely love!

Amber Snow - The black and whites are so great! I always shy away from taking them, but I should venture out. Love!

Marcie Lynn - You have such a great documentary style. I love looking through your photos!

Rachel May - Such a lovely family session!!

Kristin Sweeting - How sweet are these?? Love every single one!

Christine Sargologos - Those big eyes are beautiful. These are so natural and timeless.

Sandra Coan - Oh I love these!! Adorable!

Ashley Kelemen - Absolutely beautiful and honest post. love!

kel ward - What a lucky family – not only do they have beautiful portraits, but they have ARTISTIC images of their family! I love these so much! You have such a creative way of approaching portraits.

Jen Downer - Alpana, you are one of my very favorite photographers in this world full of photographers. One of the things I love most about your work is that the photos are all about the people in them. Each session has its own very authentic feel completely infused with the heart and soul of the families you photograph. It takes great skill to do that, and you are a master of it. True storytelling beautifully told with a sensitive eye. Love to you!!!

Christina - These are GREAT!!!

An album to share.

A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost. ~Marion C. Garretty I am always so excited to get a finished album back. There is something so special about the tangible for me and also seeing my vision come to life. I documented these two amazing little girls over a few […]

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jody savage - lovely album. it will be a treasured heirloom for the family I’m sure!

Lindsay Madden - Beautiful albums filled with stunning photographs!

Ashley Kelemen - These look great!!!

kel ward - Ooh, la la! Love it.

Marcie Lynn - This looks awesome!

Rachel May - SO lovely!! I’m sure they’re over the moon for it!

Project 10 | Rain rain come again

After a long hiatus, I am re-joining the project 10. We had a fairly un-eventful day. My husband had a long work week and it was nice to have a slow start to the day. We have had rain off and on through the past three days. Most of us have been rejoicing the rain […]

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Kristin - I love the simple beauty and allure of these….simple, yet totally captivating.

Ginger Unzueta - I could look at your beautiful work all day Alpana. Wonderful.

Mirelle Carmichael - Alpana, I LOVE your work.

Kirsty - It’s so good to have you back – and on a month to rejoice – love that you captured that so simply and wonderfully Alpana

Krystle Akin - Love! The image of him playing games. So awesome!

Kina - Those gorgeous eyes!! I think my favorite is his adorable joy playing the video game though<3

Trish Barker - Love how you compose with color, and yet also rock the black and whites. And what a gorgeous child that is… my goodness… those eyes. Future heartbreaker.

Ashley Kelemen - Love how simple and bold these are!!

Lindsay Madden - Your work is so mesmerizing. I love when you post! And again, your little man’s eyes are crazy beautiful. 🙂

Sandra Coan - I always love your work! Just beautiful!

Joyce Kang - What a handsome boy you have!! The second to last one I can totally relate 🙂 Perfect!

Lisa O'Dwyer - His eyes are amazing! Beautiful work!

Marcie Lynn - His eyes!!!! So lovely. Beautiful pictures.

Blenda Montoro Miller - More of those dreamy EYES?! Yes, please :)))

Jen O. - Love the colors and how interesting each shot is.

kel ward - Those eyes!! Wow. Also, I love your creative eye and the pops o unexpected color her and there.

Lauren Guilford - Your work really is so great! I love your perspective. I can totally see that B&W image with the hands over his ears being in an art gallery.

Amber Snow - These are so cool! Love all of them. And that orange VW is rocking.

Rachel May - I love the life in this!! Gorgeous!

Kati Decker - That kiddo’s eyes are amazing! Great shots. I love the big smile with the video game controller. 🙂

melanie - oh, i just love these! i love the silhouette shot with the video game controller…too cool!