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San Francisco Lifestyle Photographer | How to Steal a Dog

I found him the other day with this book “How to Steal a Dog”. My poor kiddo has been asking for a dog for a long time. Begging, pleading, bribing… “I am an only child and don’t have siblings. At least get me a husky. Or…I won’t play video games if I have a dog.” […]

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wendy laurel - beautiful per usual. one word of advice on the dog — you must love it and want to care for it too.. since it will actually be your dog. 🙂 (said from mom with 2 dogs owned by kids, right.)

Lisa - Love your work….. and you use of light in this series. The shadows on the wall….perfect!! Good luck with your decision! Dogs sure are cute and fun, but they are also a lot of work. xo

Lisa O'Dwyer - Love how you capture these fleeting moments Alpana! My son really wants a cat. He is reading the Warriors series of books now where the characters are cats 🙂

Stefanie Kapra - these are beautiful and honest. Great photographs

victoria o'leary - How do you think i ended up with a cat AND a dog….and a turtle….and two fish 😉 LOVE your eye…the light on the wall, the angles. Pure perfection!!

Narelle Bailey - These are great. Love your use of light. Really helps to convey the mood.

Jaine Kershner - love your use of light and shadow!

Lindsay Madden - Get the pup! It will be the best addition to your family. I couldn’t imagine life without my 4 year old fur baby. Beautiful images as always!

melanie - these are precious!

Helen Bartlett - I love these, the light is fantastic. The second one in is my favourite, lovely pictures

Kel Ward - Alpana, I could spend all day looking at your work! You’re so talented and your images are always so artistic and beautiful!

Sabrina Gebhardt - What amazing light. And what amazing variety. I love this.

happy new year!

Happy New Year! Who is ready for 2015? This year has gone by so quickly! So much has happened and so much hasn’t… that was on my mental list of to-do’s! I am hoping for a better 2015 and motivation to get started on some personal projects that have been on the back burner for […]

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Lindsay Madden - Incredible shots as always! Happy 2015!!

wendy laurel - you know how much I love this..

Lauren Guilford - Love this! And that is exciting news for the coming year, congrats!

Meghan Boyer - LOVE! As always, these are amazing.

Lisa O'Dwyer - Wonderful! You have a great talent for telling stories!

Jaine Kershner - love the motion in these images!!

Valentina - Such lovely images!! Happy new year!

Nicole Spangler - I love the urban movement in these images!

melanie - love these!! the motion is amazing…so fun! happy new year!!

Kel Ward - Very cool!

connie chang - happy new year! i also love the movement!

Holiday Mini Session

Had to share these fun Holiday Mini Session favorites with a new family I photographed recently. It was a short and sweet thirty minute session and usually just enough time to capture a “posed” family photo. However, to be true to my style, I try to sneak in some real moments when I can. And […]

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Marcie Lynn - Cute family! I love how you captured their kids personalities.

Danielle Defiore - These are stunning!! I love the composition and color.

wendy laurel - super cute and fun!!! love your minis!

Lisa O'Dwyer - So sweet! My favorite is the last B&W

Lindsay Madden - I love the light & the feel in these photos. Absolutely beautiful…as always. 🙂

India on Film

Lately, I have been thinking of my homeland quite a bit. These are some of the film photographs that I have taken over the past years. I am not sure that I have share them together other than here and there through Facebook. My recent trip brought up some emotions following my mom’s passing and […]

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Kel Ward - You know how much I love your fine art work, Alpana! These are killer!

Nicole Spangler - awesome images!

Jaine Kershner - so beautiful! i love your double exposures and use of light so much!

Lindsay Madden - WOW! Seriously incredible. My favorite image is the second picture from the top {the sun flare one}. Just breathtaking! You rock!!

San Francisco Family Album

One of my favorite things is to create tangible art for families. Here is a recent album from this lovely San Francisco Family Session with their newest addition. I had previously photographed the family with their first born a few years back. Now it was fun to see her as a grown toddler and big […]

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Carmen Pampeyan - Stunning album! Beautiful photographs!

Kelsy McCartney - Such a beautiful album!! A true treasure 🙂

Lisa O'Dwyer - So beautiful! What a fantastic heirloom!

wendy laurel - i am a big fan. you just kill me… so good! im hiring you next for our family photos. you are amazing.

Jenny Owens - I love albums too! I’m sure this family will treasure this one.

Lindsay Madden - Gorgeous. Everything looks better in print. 🙂

Kel Ward - Wow, beautiful work and gorgeous album! Every family should have albums like this!