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An Angel Island Playdate

To photos that remind us that everything becomes a memory.

To right now, passing like water in every breath, to happier times slipping in tendrils through our fingers, to friends who make villages who make chains of hands to lift us from the deepest holes, we are saying thank you no matter what, and fighting with quietly fisted hearts.

~ Amy Grace

When I am old and gray, I think of the moments I want to remember and people I would want in my life. If I could freeze time, this would be one of those days that we spent together on Angel Island. The time Amy and I met up for a playdate of our own with our kids. Our friendship has grown to a close one and time always flies when we are together. Most of the time, we talk and talk and at the end of it laugh about the pictures we could or should have taken. Amy is the gifted artist behind Motherhood with a Camera and a magician with words. I love the way she sees the world in poetry and words that blend together seamlessly. She is a rare bird, that girl, and I am so very thankful to have her in my life. A few images of our unintentional session and a quiet glimpse of something pure… her mama heart and the love those two siblings have for one another.



Kel Ward - This location is super cool, but you and your artistic eye brought it all to life. The light, the expressions, the subtle wind in the hair…nailed it!

Trish Barker - Gosh I love your work. So beautiful.

Meghan Boyer - Ok, next playdate, I want in on! Your work is always amazing Alpana, and of course I just love Amy and her beautiful tribe. <3

Sandra Coan - Love these! What a fun day!!

Linda - This looks like an amazing place. Looks like you guys had fun. Great photos.

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