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Memories of My Heart

Memories of My Heart

I yearn for the days,
When I could dance in the rain and jump in the puddles,
I would follow paper boats floating on the streams,
My mother running with a towel to dry my damp hair,
I miss the days of hot soups and love and care

I yearn for the days,
When I would jump with joy on flying a kite,
The breeze blowing through my hair while riding my bike,
My father watching me if I should fall,
I miss the days of scraped knees and all

I yearn for the days,
When I would fight with my brother for the window seat,
I would mess up the game and call him a cheat,
The days of sibling rivalry and making up after,
I miss the hot summer days filled with fun and laughter

I yearn for the days,
When I would be happiest dressing up each doll,
Or reading a book under the covers and hide from all,
The days of feigned sickness to watch the cricket matches,
I miss the days of innocence and mischiefs

I yearn for the days,
When I could wake up with a smile and feel completely free,
I would spend the time with my friends and climb trees,
The carefree days and nights full of dreams,
I miss the days of childhood that my memory gleams

~ Ashwini W

The title of this post is borrowed from the poem above that was written by the lovely woman in the photos. It reminds me of my childhood days and brings back memories of those years growing up in India. When I designed their family album, I asked Ashwini, if I could incorporate some of her poems with the images and you can see a glimpse of it in the photos above. What could be better than your own words and story woven together forever as a keepsake?

This was not my typical young kids with parents family portrait session. She even warned me about her reluctant teenagers and their clothing choices. One of her emails to me said that one of the kids would probably come in red mesh shorts and green t-shirt looking like a Christmas tree if I don’t put my foot down:-) Ha! Luckily, I stopped by at their place prior to the session and helped with the choices. Always easier for a non-parent to convince a kid to do something (that goes for mine as well).

After their session I got a thank you email from Ashwini that said, “I am surprised my kids who don’t even like to take one picture actually lasted almost until the very end:)” The boys were great sports (ha, don’t know what mom was talking about) and their session was filled with adventure and exploration. I should say almost… as Ashwini is an avid hiker and recently climbed Half Dome in Yosemite. But that would be an adventure for another day!

PS. It took me forever to blog this session. I have so many to share and hope to in the coming weeks. From time to time, I do have peeks on Facebook like this page from their album. Please be sure to “like” the page to view the updates!

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