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This K family was visiting San Francisco from the east coast last week so their family portrait session came about rather quickly! Mom and Dad went to law school with a wonderful client that referred them to me. They wanted to craft their story in the city that they love so much and move back to some day. We visited some of their favorite spots and also took some pictures in their family home in Laurel Heights. Amazingly, in the course of the shoot five month old baby Sophie’s great-grandma stopped by. How amazing is that? She is such a sweet heart and I was thrilled to capture some photos of the wee one with great-grandma. Hope you enjoyed the rest of your stay, K family!

Corin Jones - Your work is absolutely gorgeous. I found you when I was googling canvas wraps 🙂 I am an instant admirer!

Cristina - Precious captures, to treasure for a lifetime! I love the joy (and the curly toes!) of the first and the connection with granma in the third 🙂

Nancy - such sweet moments! beautiful!

ChelleL - I love these, Alpana. Precious and lovely, what a beautiful keepsake.

Jane Eaton Hamilton - Ohhhh, yummy! Just adore that second one. Sweet sweet moments.

PamN - The ones with great-gramma are utterly beautiful – and priceless! Can you imagine having a shot like that with YOUR great-grandmother, to look back on as an adult?!

Katie - These are beautiful! - Wonderful pictures! But having great subjects has to help a lot…

Jocelyn Samuels - Unbelievably adorable

Hazel - I love how little S is the perfect combo of mom and dad. Beautiful images, Alpana!

Kirsten - These pictures are beautiful! You captured some great moments.

TaraMc - These are beautiful! I love the connections you captured.

Bita - Beautiful photos. want to see more of Sophie..

Christiana - Beautiful girls and beautifully captured moments together!

Herb Kurlan - K family pictures are very well done, Thank you for putting them on the site.

Herb Kurlan
unbiased Grandpa

Beth Kurlan - What amazing moments you captured. the pictures are naturally beautiful and your work is appreciated…

Aaron Kurlan - I am a lucky Dad! great pictures

Kim N. - I greatly enjoy those pictures of my grandaughter Sophie with her mother. There was peace and happiness around them. I love it!!!

Randa - Great pictures. They sure tell a story that reflects simplicity, love and harmony.

Elizabeth Kiehner - I hope this photographer also does commercial work. Stunning and natural looking images.

Fran Kurlan - Thank you for posting beautiful pictures. Cannot wait to see more!

Orly - These pictures are piece of art

Juria - These pictures are beautiful — and Sophie with her great grandmother is priceless!!

Ryan - Very nice. I hope Aaron got in some of these pictures.

Gary D - Super pics. Very professional. They look like they can be used in a billboard advertisement for a baby product.

Josh - Beautiful pictures! Sofie is sooo cute.

Isaac - i love the color tones

denise - love these pics of baby sophie, mom and great grandmother. natural setting looks amazing!!

Belle - lovely images!

heather - oh these are priceless images! how i wish i had some like these of me and my babies!

wendy b. - Really beautiful photography!

Laura - Love the light…beautiful portraits.

Fiona Colvin - Lovely session – especially love the one’s with grandma.

Jessica Deane - love love love this set!

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